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  • soil vs hydro

    could someone please help me decide on soil vs hydro growing in stealth grow box. i have small hydro box but getting ready to upgrade to larger box and thought i should consider differences / advantages from soil to hydro growing. ive grown soil outdoors but never in a box .
    please help!

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    One thing to consider, if stealth is a big deal for you, is the noise from running water, pumps and bubblers. It might not be very loud, but makes a bit more noise than soil. Maybe not a huge thing but worth thinking about....


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      I find soil feels better. It is more natural and the weed is less likely to have a green or chemical taste. It is cheaper too. Also it is much harder to make mistakes with soil.


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        Hi there
        Soil grows indoors are great. I have always been a fan of soil over hydro.
        There are a lot of grow boxes available, some are made especially for soil, such as the Earth Cab Series. This is a great range of soil based grow boxes. There's bound to be one that suits.
        Also, a lot of hydro boxes are easily adapted for soil and many offer a soil version which is basically the same box with some pots instead of the hydro system!
        Tents are worth considering too. You don't say what sort of size you are looking for, so it is hard to recommend a specific one. Again though, many are available in a soil only option, such as the FullBloom 2 X 2.5 grow tent kit.
        I have done quite a bit of research onto grow tents and grow boxes so if you want to explain your requirements a bit more I would be happy to tell you what I have learnt.
        In the meantime, this is a good page for looking up some basic info on all grow boxes.