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    Hi all
    I'm designing a new project for my shed. It's going to be a grow inside a filing cabinet. It needs to be REAL stealthy, even the significant other is out of the loop on this one!
    Going to light it with CFLs.
    Still at the thinking stage at the moment but have 2 things I could do with some input on.

    1. I'm going to use a PC fan to vent it, how can I keep the noise to the absolute minimum?
    2. How can I keep smells right down without attaching tubing to the back of the cabinet?

    Any other suggestions or input gratefully received.

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    Silicone Gel insulation

    IMG_0880.jpgAn idea I got from a guy who designs water cooling systems for PC's.
    He makes silicone pads out of silicone gel to insulate the pumps and radiator fans to keep them from making too much noise.
    Scroll down to post #16


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      Thanks, that's an excellent link. I've now found a better place beneath my workbench. Sometimes hiding stuff in plain sight is the best way to do it ;-).
      I still need to quieten those fans down though. SO thanks, I'll follow it up.

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        It would be almost impossible to hide the smell when the weed plants are in full budding, even the best carbon filters cant do their job if you need such a quiet set up, for the lights I would suggest LEDS as they are more energy efficient and produce less heat!


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          Not sure about that midowo. I had some stinky weed going in my attic. With a carbon filter venting it there was no smell at all. When you opened the door it nearly knocked you over! but as soon as you closed the door it was totally unnoticable. A good carbon filter definitely helps to hide odors.


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            Mrs. I love you

            With all due respect this sounds like a covert spy biological conspiracy to slip one over on the authorities. Only problem being the authority is a loved one. A loved one that might make your life miserable in the end result?....

            Perhaps a nice note (love letter asking for forgiveness) placed some where in plane view and dated the date of the start of your grow, in case your adventure collapse in your face. That way she knows going in you did this for her. (hee -hee)

            Example; "I am writing this letter to let you know that I too know this might be crazy. But you know me, a wild and crazy guy here. And besides I heard that this stuff can enhance a couples relationship. I am just trying to keep this wonderful experience with love and you alive.... or something to that extent? Really it might help in the end.....

            A pissed of wife could be a whole lot worse than 6 months probation for cultivating. At least with my wife it would be. The only difference between my wife and a pit bull dog is ...lipstick!...

            Keep us posted. Please, this is exciting.


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              Great video here on silencing an air pump. Seems very effective. Hope it helps keep the wife happy, or in the dark about your plans at least ;-)