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  • First time grow

    I have an attic i am thinking of growing in. its quite long but not that tall aprox 1m. can i light from the side was planning on using autoflowering seeds due to low growth height and do a small batch of around 5- 10
    . any recomendations on the setup would be appreciated. P.s. im a poor student so trying to do it on the cheap. iff successfull i will upgrade gear.

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    Hi there
    Yes you can light from the side. The best you can do is light from the side AND the top. As you are short of room you can use CFLs or LEDs for above the plants, as they are relatively cool you will be able to get the light close to the growing tips.
    Autoflowering strains are definitely a good idea. They are quick, and more importantly in your situation, small. Try Lowryder 2, there have been a few good reports on this forum recently for that strain.
    Are you thinking soil or hydro? Be sure to have something down to prevent any spills soaking through downstairs ceiling. And insulate the space to keep your heat signature down.
    Hope this helps a bit. Let us know if you have any more questions.


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      first time grow

      well thats good i was planing on using 3 70w 100w equivilant cfl bulbs. was planing 10 plants and there would be space for 3 lights above will this be enough? was planning to make a small cardboard grow room for them and being in nz in the summer i dont need to wory about insulating the heat. what would you recomend soil or hydro. i want to go for the cheapest method, i was thinking soil with a water trap underneath to prevent moisture leaking through the celing
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        first time grow

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        as the title says this is about a first time grow not erectile disfunction medication. i fail to see why you thought it necessary to post this. keep on topic geez


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          first time grow

          and one final thing. i live in a small block of flats so any ideas on how to keep the odour down would be great. dont wanna advertise to the whole block whats going on


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            Hello again
            Odour control is essential if you are worried about neighbours. Despite all the paranoia about heat sensors and electric bills, I think most people get caught because they either have big mouths, or because neighbours have noticed the smell.
            I'm quite lucky where I live and don't need any odour control, which is a good thing because a grow room at full flower really really does stink.
            My brother grows in an attic on a big housing estate where stealth is much more important. He has carbon filters fitted in the room with an outlet under the eaves. From outside you wouldn't notice a thing. Even from the attic hatch there is no discernable smell. It's only when you actually open the hatch that the smell hits you.
            So I would recommend carbon filters, they've worked well for him for many years.
            Check out this page for more information on odour control.


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              Silica gel and volcanic ash make good odor controllers....