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  • germination help

    okay this is my 2nd year and im in the north hemisphere im growing out doors but im trying to find the best starting method to start them before the frost starts

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    There's some basic cannabis germination info here.
    I've found that my babies will flourish on a window sill and will sit there happily until the frost has past.
    I don't know whereabouts in the northern hemisphere you are, but I know that it is a bit early where I am to think about germinating for outdoor growth. I'm quite far north but I will be waiting another month or so.


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      i am up in western canada and here it is usually if i remember right the first or second weekend of may is best to place your plants outside. If you start your seedlings in mid april they should be good to put in the ground in may


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        indoor start

        Katzie, I start my outdoor clones about 1 to 2 months prior to going outdoors. I clone to rock wool cube, to an 8oz. beer cup, to a one gal.pot, to a 2 gal pot. When the clone is in the 2 gallon pot I look to be 11/2' tall plant headed to at least a 2' plant for outside. When at least 2' tall, I put 6 to 8 in the native soil and 6 to 8 tin 5 gal. pots. The reason? I live at 5150 feet above sea level and my outdoor season can be short. So I try use 7-8 week flower genetics, 5-6 week are better but it is hard to find a 5-6 week flowering coach lock plant. And a mature Sativa is hard to accomplish. Some winters are short due to early snow. You put some in 5 gal pots because if you get an early frost or snow you can use a small truck dolly to move your potted plants in doors that way you don't lose all to the frost or snow. All of the early trans planting in small containers is to develop strong outdoor root system. I have found that when you clone say from the 8 oz. beer cup straight to the 2 or 5 gal. pot you lose catch up growth as the plant need a good root system to develop a good yield. Good luck, hope that was a little help.