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Cloning question: when to clone & time to harvest

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  • Cloning question: when to clone & time to harvest

    I am new to this and after buying expensive seed want to clone. First: at what stage of development should the cuttings be taken from the mother plant? Second: if you have an auto-flowering plant that say takes 65 days to flower, does the 65 days start over with a new clone or is the time shortened? Thanks PBM
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    HI PBM. Welcome to the forum.
    You can start to clone as soon as your plant is well established. A plant needs to be strong and healthy to produce good clones. You should consider topping when you have about 5 or 6 nodes to start her bushing out. Once she has recovered from this there should be some good sites to start cloning. You will need to let her recover each time, but you will be able to take more and more from her each time as she gets bigger and stronger and bushier.
    As for the auto, forget it, The clock is already ticking and the time has started, the clone will take but you will only have a few weeks of flowering time. Clone regular photoperiod plants only.
    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks. Happy Growing!

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    Did you read the page in cloning marijuana plants?