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Trouble germinating seeds

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  • Trouble germinating seeds

    Half the seeds I germinate start to crack and get tails then don't go any further. What am I doing wrong, I use paper towel method

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    Once that taproot comes out you place it in whatever medium you plan on growing it in.


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      Half my post didn't show, As soon as tails show I put them in potting soil, but that's it nothing coms up, I have done the same for 5 years but the last 2 years I started having trouble.I have always used same supplyer


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        If you used to get it right and then stopped, something must have changed....
        How long do you let the tap root get before potting up? I like to get a good half inch or so.
        I'm always very very gentle with them, I make a hole with a pencil and gently drop the sprouting seed in so that the tap root is full length down into the hole.
        I can't think what you could be doing wrong. I get a near 100% success rate with this method.