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  • Monster Cropping

    Hi all. I've seen some posts just lately talking about monster cropping - or taking cuttings after flipping to 12/12 - and I thought I'd share these pictures with you.

    Check out the mad single fingered, non serrated leaves and the bushy lateral growth, this is typical of a monster cropped plant reverting to veg. They take quite a while to get going.

    You can see a few serrated leaves growing now as she finally starts growing properly. The bushy branching will make this girl a great candidate for a mother plant when she's big and strong. If that's what you want.

    Now check out these two side by side. They were both taken at the same time from the same plant. The girl above had to revert to veg, yet her sister just rooted and took off as usual! It must have been that the flowering hormones were only present in part of the plant. I must have caught her just as she was changing. I think these cuttings were taken about 2-3 weeks after flipping.


    I'd appreciate your comments. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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    it's really amazing what these plants are capable of. sorry I can't share my experience (as there's none existing yet), but thanks for sharing for future reference


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      Thanks HobbyGardener. It is worth knowing. When I first got the single leaves like that I didn't know what was happening. Thought I had some mad mutant on my hands. But it all sorts itself out eventually.