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Peat Pellets and Hydro

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  • Peat Pellets and Hydro

    Was reading in a few places earlier that you can use peat pellets to germinate your seeds in and then put in your hydro setup. You don't have to remove the netting and such, just transplant to a bed of hydroton and surround it with more hydroton. Some have removed the netting and rinsed of the rest with good results too. But why fix something that isn't broke i say and go with the flow. I seem to have better luck with pellets then say rockwool. Your thoughts?

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    My first attempt at rockwool was successful for the first week, after that my seedling kicked the bucket, I just switched to Peat myself. Im hoping someone can help me with an answer to my question on the best way to water peat. from above or let it wick from the bottom.


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      Soak them in water and once its fully developed kinda whip it around in your hand to shake out excess water and insert seed.


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        I'm about to have a go with he peat pellets. Hopefully it will go good but as I'm a first timer I thought I'd better do some research first. Great site, lots of tips and learned some info I didn't know.


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          I was always a fan of the root riot cubes. Check out this little video comparing root riot to jiffy peat pellets. Spoiler alert! They come out about the same. There's another update in the youtube sidebar too. It's not with weed but maybe worth a quick look at.


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            I used to use riot cubes but changed when somebody gave me some cuttings in rockwool and they looked really healthy. Played with the rockwool for a month or so but with no success so went straight back to the riot cubes. I love them. I don't use them for germination, but for taking clones and I get a 90%+ success rate.