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    Should I run my co2 during the germination period, or is that a waste?

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    I would say it's a waste mate. Seeds will germ fine without it. Save it for veg, and especially flowering.
    What method are you using to germinate? Is it with the seed dome you mentioned or are you using good old fashioned paper towels?


    • Armyboy042
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      Yeah I am using the germination kit from super closet. I figured it would be a waste to run the CO2 since they suggest you only run it during hours the lights are on.

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    One thing to bear in mind if you use CO2 is to set the timers so you can use it when the ventilation is off. No point releasing it into the growing environment and then having the fans ventilate it straight back out. Also remember it is heavier than air. You will need to feed it in above the plants so that it falls down over them and pools around them.
    But as you say, not just yet.