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    ok so iv had a heated debate and need to put this to bed!!

    can you tell the sex of a plant in the vegetative state ? yes or no.

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    Sometimes but early weeks of flowering is the best time.


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      Plants sometimes show what are called pre-flowers during veg and these can be used to determine sex.
      It can also be possible to sex plants by their shape and size, particularly if you are growing a few of the same strain together for comparison. Males are normally taller and thinner than females.
      Neither of these methods are fail safe though, nothing is as sure as seeing the flowers as they develop.
      Sorry it's not a yes or no answer, there are few things about growing weed have a yes or no answer. ;-)


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        haha good to know! thank you both for the responses! I have 3 plants outdoors right now both still in veg. and one has 9 leaves on it! the other appears to have 11! if you count the tiny leaves on new growth.. is this a good or bad thing...?


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          It's a good thing. The more veg growth you have the more energy will be in store for your flowers. Each one of those leaves is a tiny solar power plant for your babies ;-)