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when is latest I can clip for cloning

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  • when is latest I can clip for cloning

    So im ready to try to start cloning!! I bought a tent yo put them in! When is latest I can clip and plant? Is it better yo have mother plant ? But I want to keep doing different strans ? Is the light time the same?

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    What I mean by different strans is the three I have white widow x big bud ! And lemon haze kush and strawberry blue all feminized


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      Just trying to clone to start a rotation


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        If they are all photo plants, then any time before they go into transition. Depends on if you are taking the top or shoots from the bottom. I just went through a year of cycling through a batch of seeds, grow a few up to size, take some lower clones, not a lot, just tried for two off each seed. Then flip the mother... You can take lower cutting up to a week into transition/flower stage, but the one that I did, never really recovered and went back to a growth phase... I have new clones that are only a month old just as big as that one at 6 months? I may just cut the whole thing into a few clones, top and all, just to get it out of the way and see if that triggers new growth? But that one I took the cutting AFTER it had fully transitioned, had little white hairs and all...

        As far as lighting goes, start of slow, but keep the hours the same, if it was growing under 24 hours of light, keep it on 24 hours of light, just keep it at a distance until the roots develop. I have separate lights for my clones until after they have rooted, about a week. Then they go under normal veg lighting. Read up on cloneing and check out a few of the YouTube video's to get a better idea of the various methods.


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          You can clone up to about a week into flowering. This is called monster cropping. The resulting cuttings will take longer to root but once they revert to veg they will grow like crazy with multiple heads and lateral branching.


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            Though I've heard you can clone during flower, I would recommend you keep your cloning during the veg stage. My advice would be to go to the grow store and buy yourself an antibacterial cloning tray, drain pan and dome (about $5 here) and a bag of antibacterial cloning cubes (about $20 bag here) to put your clones into. My only issue with cloning in any way was in the beginning when I was using rock wool cubes and a non-antib tray and root rotted everything I touched. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and got better at it, but the antib tray and cubes have cut my root rot problem down to 0....haven't lost a single clone since and I've been using it for over a year now. Research the cloning process and dive in. The best way to learn is by doing it and then dealing with whatever happens. Good luck!!! Happy Growing!! TWW


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              Hi Clay.That's right. If you take a clone up to about two weeks into flower it will revert. It takes a while and at first the plant can throw out some crazy looking single fingered leaves. Not sure if 24 hour light is necessary. I've done it under 20/4 with no problems and would assume you could just have 18/6 like normal veg. Maybe somebody could put us right on that....? You just need patience. Once the plant fully reverts and gets into its stride it will put on some crazy multi-branched growth.
              It's a good way of getting plants ready for a scrog. Also useful if you don't want to clone until you are sure of the sex of the donor plant.
              There's a page about it on the site. Here.