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  • seedlings and light

    OK all 10 white widow x big bud feminized and all lemon kush and feminized and all free ones sprouted within a week I used root riot and and a dome !! Thanks Herbie's!! So on
    To my question when is it safe to put them in to my 1600 watts of light???

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    you really dont need the dome for seedlings but doesnt hurt either anyways, you can put them under that right now but you just have to make sure the light is not going to burn them, and make sure they dont stretch too much.


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      In the past, I have placed new clones under 2000 watts of vegging light that was almost 4 feet away from the clones, which are roughly the hardiness of a seedling. But that was generally already vegging a number of plants already, anywhere from other new clones, to 24 inch tall ready to flower plants... So, might be a bit overkill with 1600 watts, if you can cut it down to half, or just 1000, that should be enough for the first few weeks if you are running one batch together? The footprint you need early on is not nearly what you need later. Like Katzie said as well, watch for stretch, but with that much light, you should not be getting too much stretch in any event. I never had a problem with 1000 watts over a 6x6 flood tray filled with clones. Just ran out of room when they got to be about 12 inch's or so... Then I would open up the second 1000 watt light over the second flood tray and just keep spreading them out.... The lights for that setup, 1000 watt HID MH, were very rarely moved up or down... Those lights had definite 'hot spots' and I just moved plants in or out of those spots depending on what was going on... speed up 3 or 4, or slow down 3 or 4... trying to get a batch of 9 at a time that were all of equal size as that was what I would flower under 1000 watt in the bud room.