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germinate!! or plant straight into soil

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  • germinate!! or plant straight into soil

    White widow x big bud feminized and lemon haze kush!! Ready start another just want some thoughts about how to start them I have done both

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    I like to germinate instead of putting the seed right into the soil for it to germinate in there. That way you can see which ones have sprouted and will have a better chance of making it once in soil.


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      I like to germinate but would be open to planting directly into the soil if somebody can give me a good argument for it.....


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        Hey Bib b, I am one that plants right in the soil! Once I plant a seed I cover the small pot with Saran Wrap and put in aquarium tank witch has a plant heating pad underneath. If fresh seed, they should pop in 48-72 hrs. Good luck, mega I don't have a argument for this, I am just comfortable doing it this way
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          I'm just an impatient bastard lol 12hrs in some water then into damp paper towel and if the seed is good they should pop in the next 12 or so and have a sprout peeking out. But too each their own as they say and all the power to ya in the way you're most comfortable at and successful.