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Mother plant Buds Begin before Clones cut.

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  • Mother plant Buds Begin before Clones cut.

    So forgive my newness to the forum section and please forgive in advance any procedural infractions.
    Mr. Nice Guy, Me, have found myself in a bit of a time bind.
    A good buddy lost the contents of his grow closet. He harvested for years, all from the same plant he kept cloning. The closet is used to clone under artificial light until time is right to put them outside. I think some parasite came through. Anyway, I had purchased some quality seed last spring and did not have the room in my garden to use them all. December just past I gave 3 seeds to my friend with the condition he root 2 cuttings from each of the 3 strains for me and have them ready 15 March for my garden. (I only do a few for my own medicinal purposes in the backyard each year.) Once he realized I did not want anything other than a couple of clones he was thrilled to get back up and growing and really did a nice job with the seedlings. That is up until recently when he told me all three plants started to bud. Knowing, the hours of light was decreased, I didn't even bother to ask him what happened. None the less his closet has three absolutely beautiful 2+ foot tall plants each with dozens of buds beginning.

    My Questions, to anyone who knows:
    Should he just cut clones for me as planned from a plant in bud and will they revert to a vegetative state for me in my garden?
    Per our deal, he gets to keep the plants. Would anyone advise to cut the new buds in an effort to reset the plants back to a more natural light symbiosis?
    Should I just put seeds in the ground like I have for years past?

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    The grow i am on now are clones from a flowering plant. They do take there time to reveg and throw up some weird looking leaves at the start of the re-vegetative stage. I have seen these done outdoors and the results were very good. I do not know your latitude but March would be to early for me to plant a cannabis strain outdoors. As long as you can give the plant over the 12 hours light your be ok, might be a little long winded to re-veg but they will. A better option might be to re-veg them indoors and take them outdoors to speed up the process.


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      ThankX KB.
      Ya, I tried to use the March 15 to suggest my latitude. Did the same type "disguise" in my profile. Little paranoia self destroya
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        Moved ya over here to the clone section, Jimmy. Just keep'in things sorted here. Not a problem. Welcome to the forum.