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Manifold aka Main-Lining Tutorial

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  • Manifold aka Main-Lining Tutorial

    Haven't seen this technique before far as i can remember, so thought i would post it here. Made me curious when Blaze4daze mentioned about it. So i went on the google hunt and came across this which seemed to be a really good tutorial which i plan on doing in my next grow.

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    Just reading that its best to do this starting from seed so there is sufficient time to build a good root mass. Using clones takes longer due to small root mass and you have to wait longer before doing the training.


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      This is great Katzie-wolf, I enjoyed the many links that came along with article also. Later, mega


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        I had always called this 'topping' or 'pinching' and never seen it executed to such an extreme and WOW, awesome results! I just looked at my latest clones and yeah, it looks like it might cause some issues starting with a cutting... then as I sat there looking at the next batch of clones, still on the mothers mind you, I thought, hmmm, what id I started training them at THAT stage, BEFORE I take them off the mother plant? So, That is going to be an experiment on a few of my next clones, train them on the mother to be 'main-line' clones. Thanks Katzie!


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          You're welcome you guys.