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  • Need professional advice

    I set my first grow box. Because of short budget I started small. Box is 1m×1m×1m and LID 300w all spectrum lites. I need advice on kind of Seeds I need to buy and wear. It should be low grow and preferably THC and CBD.

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    Welcome to the site there Yuri and you'll have to do some research as there is a bunch of info on the site here. You just have to dig in and do some reading.


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      Thanks. It's very helpful

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    Give me at least direction. It's tons of names that I have no even clue what they are. Thanks.


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      Hi Yuri, welcome to the site. With a box just 1m tall you will be looking for short plants. Indicas are generally shorter in size than sativas.
      You may want to consider autos for a first grow. They normally stay short and with no sexing or light changes to worry about they are good to help you get a feel for growing.
      Check out the indica and auto pages here. Remember, not all of these are really short strains so when you find some that appeal to you, dig a bit deeper and see if you can find some online grow diaries/journals etc.
      You should also read about training techniques for keeping the height of your plant down. LST techniques are appropriate and easy to learn. Check them out here.


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        Thanks a lot!


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          Very good advice from Schoking there and would just like too add i would look for something very low mantainance and easy to#o grow like Uk Cheese Northern Lights or If its Sativa you want Neviles Haze But as Schoking said do your homework and all else willfall into place