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    I started out with 20 feminized white widow, 20 super silver haze, and 20 Himalayan gold seeds. I am down to 8 of each. I cannot get the seeds to pop. I tried 4 of each in the jiffy grow planters, kept them moist and covered, no luck. I tried the paper towel method, they still look the same as when I put them in. Tried 4 soaking in a glass of water, still no luck. I would appreciate any tips or step by step germination for dummy's

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    Hi Wayne,
    I would say if you have tried to soak those seeds in all the methods that you describe as well as used the jiffy grow planters which I have used myself and they work great but if that failed as well then those seeds are duds which means you have 24 plants and lost 36 plants out of 60 I would be pissed and talk to the people I bought the seeds from because that many seeds I know cost a nice chunk of change see what they can do for you or if they will do anything at all. Just be honest with them and they more hen likely will hook you up with a replacement or something like that. At least you got 24 healthy plants home for a mutant or two I read somewhere on the net that they produce good yields as well as make good mother plants or clones.


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      I emailed the seed company last night to see if they may send me another batch

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    Just thought I would place up some different ways to germination your beans to help you out also I no you tried these methods but you asked for step by step so here you go.

    Towel Method

    ~~This method of cannabis seed germination involves placing your marijuana seeds on either a damp paper towel, cheese cloth or cotton wool (on a plate). Cover the seeds by placing more damp cotton wool or another paper towel on top of them. It is a good idea to put something like an upside down plate on top of them to shelter them and keep in humidity. Now place your seeds in a warm area to get them going.
    It is extremely important that when using this method you never allow the seeds to dry out – if you do they will die or become damaged, making the germination attempt a failure. Check the seeds every day until they begin to grow a tap root. As soon as they do, delicately transfer them to your growing medium - the best way to do so is probably with something like a pair of tweezers. Make sure not to touch the roots at all! They are very fragile and touching them will damage it, killing the cannabis seed.
    You can expect moderate results using this method, but bear in mind that your seedlings are very exposed and prone to damage, be very careful.

    Glass of Water or Cup Method

    ~~If you have been storing seeds for a long time their shells have likely hardened. This can make propagation by other methods slightly more challenging as they struggle to absorb enough water. By using this method there is no shortage of it.
    The method is to place the seeds within a glass of distilled water. This allows the seeds to really soak, softening the shell and allowing enough water to absorb. Do not allow them to soak for more than 24 hours. If you do you run the risk of causing oxygen deficiency and killing the seed. Once they have soaked place them in soil according to the above soil method.

    Classic soil method
    ~~Place your seeds in individual pots filled with moist soil. It is best to use seedling/germination soil for this if you can. It has exactly the right balance of nutrients to get your seeds going. Normal soil can contain a mix of too many nutrients and impurities that your seeds don’t require – you may end up over feeding the seed and damaging them.
    Place the seeds 3-5mm under the soil and then carefully covered back up. You only need the soil to be damp, do not over water it. You can place clear kitchen plastic wrap over the tops of the pots to maintain humidity. Place your pots in a warm area and allow nature to do its thing.
    After a couple of days you should start to see shoots with their cotyledons; when you do, remove the plastic wrap and place the pots under a grow lamp.


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      Thanks, I only have the 24 seeds left, this will give me a fighting chance.

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    You could try root riot cubes they have a great success rate and were developed for NASA. When it comes to warmth think spring time temps.


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      If you tried all the methods and didn't get anything at all then the seeds are probably duds. Bad luck :-(
      Popping decent seeds is normally pretty easy and any of the above methods should have at least got some results.


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        Germinating is still hard for me sometimes. I tried the paper towel method until a few years back with very little success and finally bought the seedling heating mat a tray and dome set, started reasonably fresh seeds and still have problems. This season I had a couple seeds pop in 36 hours and had to wait a week to get two more to pop. Went thru close to 10 feminized seeds to get 4 to pop, aaaarrrr!


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          If you can get to your water heater place your seeds on top of it - instant heat mat and dark - works for me. Keep them moist. Old seeds don't work well - slo


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            I am on my second grow since the 70's. Back in the old days and on both of my recent grows I used the moistened paper towel in a zip lock partially opened placed on top of a plate. Leave it in dark warm { or hot} place like a closet. The last seeds I planted I put under the covers of a bed in a spare bedroom and turned an electric mattress pad on medium heat because the temperature was in the 20's outside and wind was blowing 35 mph, so I couldn't find a warm closet. The seeds were put in paper towels Friday night and I planted them Sunday afternoon. I then put them in peat pots with seedling soil after very carefully dipping the root in hormone powder. I water them thoroughly and place them in my grow tent under LED lights. I had excellent results on my first grow in September of White Widow and Auto Durbin Poisin except I had to harvest too early due to unexpected company. I just started my second grow.


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              This is what I do.... I put the seeds in a shot glass full of distilled water for around 24 hrs.. Those that are viable should sink to bottom when they are ready to germinate. then after 24 hrs, take a folded paper towel soaked in distilled water and put it in a plastic sandwich bag. put your already soaked seeds on top of the paper towel.. then seal the moisture in by folding the plastic bag around the paper towel, leaving the seeds visible, laying on top of the paper towel. Put in a warm dark place. I put them on top of my always-on modem... They sprouted the next day. All of them. Using this method insures that seeds will NOT dry out during the crucial germination period.