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  • Well, if it was easy......

    I think I figured a few things out this year - cloning is worthy of patience, lots of patience. My third attempt looks good at the moment which I started last month. The thing I did different was not get in a hurry and let them stay in my cloning tub almost three weeks. Now I'm talking about dirt here, I don't do hydro. So I misted longer and still do this but only water. I have jacked up the dirt around the peat cup and am sure I will notice when they root out of the cup. I don't know about the rest of you but I found that girl scout cookies is damn hard to clone and I almost lost this last attempt while the others flourished. I have other issues w/GSC but that is another time. I have a nice blue dream and one mystery clone that is a snoop something mix from the bay area - real stinky and have added the strawberry blue seedling into the pot. That being said I would allow that anybody having issues with cloning to step back and practice patience and take it slow. Funny, I see lots of new starters on this forum and another but there are few finishers but like I mentioned above - if it was easy....................slo-han

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    i don't know the strain of any of my plants.. all I know is that 4 are indica and 1 is a sativa ( chances are good im saying that wrong) those I havnt tried to clone yet. but I got 8 seeds from a friend of unknown type and I ended up with 3 plants one that was a male so hes actually just doing what he does outside. those two plants ive cloned and that was my first time and it went really really well.. I have one of them now in my bloom room.. I actually put it in there really small only because I went nuts maken clones and I ran out of room in my veg room. I have white hairs now... I use a tall Tupperware container when I put clone them... ive had a lot of luck I guess...


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      here are my clones slo the big one is the original plant. the 2 small pics is one plant..


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        Your plants look good - I have a question for you - do you know how to top a plant? I ask this as more stems = more buds. I try to get at least 6 stalks going before I switch to bud stage. Room is the factor of course and if you've no room well - ya do what ya can. I use a Tupperware container also but was hurrying the process along - not good. My last attempt I let the lil buggers tell me when - seems to be working. It was bothering me as I lost the opportunity to keep a train wreck going that had good jeans. I'm told there is a strain out there that hermies and was concerned but it came out real nice - bummer - slo-han