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  • Two weeks later

    OK so two weeks later I have 3 clones still alive although one is looking not good - top is withering and looking bad - should one pull that or wait a bit?
    The other two look like they might just make it but don't know where to go with this. They are still in my propagator with a corner open. I breath on them daily and spray them 4 or more times a day. I have not seen any roots as I planted them in dirt 1 week ago. They were started in peat cups. Where do you go from here? spray with a light nuet spray? Take them out of propagator? What do you guys do at this point and thanks. slo-han
    thought I'd share my train wreck and thanks katz

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    High Slo!

    Does your peat cups that got planted into dirt have good drainage for those clones, now? Two weeks old, maybe try bringing them out of the propagator, under low wattage lighting and fed them a wee tiny bit of veg nutrients into the dirt (soil) for starters. I'm sure you have circulating air for them, right?

    I've always been against spray feeding my young'ins, feeding diluted nutrients into their soil instead of spraying them. Misting with water only, only a couple times a day if needed. Too high humidity can cause wilting also.

    Your Trainwreck looks awesome. Just my 2 cents, hope the best for those clones, Good luck.
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      Hi back blaze, The peat cups are in my soil I made. Has no nitro in it - sand, wood ash, perlite, charcoal(home made) and plant matter(mulch). Seems to drain well. I'm a bit paranoid after two previous attempts that ended in failure. I agree it is time to see if they are going to take or not. Will 86 the propagator and heat mat and let the games begin lol.


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        But young'ins need nitrogen, right away to get growing good. I tried using sand in my first grow, but am finding out that the roots travel thru the soil mixture, better without it.

        I even think I read somewhere that a small amount of sand in your mixture was good, but am finding out that lose soil mixture allows better root travel.

        Sand will clump and harden in the mixture, after a period of time and slow root travel. Mykos (Mycorrhizal Inoculant) is good to use too, for better root development. Good Luck, wish your plants all the best.
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          I reread some above - I also add nitro to the cups outside of the peat where my soil is - It's a regulating thing. The soil drains well but figure to add more perilite to help the drain thing - thanks for the advice, that's why I'm here - playing catch-up - -slo