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Cloning females from seed

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  • Cloning females from seed

    As you all know I am here to learn. I hope to get some step-by-step in here but i can settle for best practices.

    I now have 3 females I want to begin cloning from. And possibly 3 more by the ned of next week if Jah say so.

    A friend of mine said not to begin cloning from them. He said that my seeds weren't going to be good mothers and clones weren't going to be good. (i'm like "WTF?")

    But I can't get the reason out of him since he is not a grower himself. He said my seedlings would have to become become grand-mothers to my clones for good results.

    Rasta, If I do that the spring season will pass and I will lose my timing for the yard grow.

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    FREEZE LANDER Go with what your heart is telling you, I have had some my best clones from seed stock plants also have taken clones from a runt plant and just too see if it would follow its mother in being a runt but no it has turned into a real gift from Jah as you would say lol Do you what your heart tells you todo. All the best Lollipop


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      Take clones form everything and keep them in veg. Clearly label which clones come from which plants. Once the mums have finished and you have cured and smoked them, decide which plant was the best and keep one of those clones for the mother.
      Not sure what this grandmother business is, but listen to yourself, not your pal.