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Germination without rockwool = risky?

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  • Germination without rockwool = risky?

    Hi guys,

    my setup is pretty much set up, and im going to go with hydro, with the medium being clay pellets, or LECA I'm a little bit concerned with germination because everyone seems to be using rockwool, but I don't want to use it since I know too much bad stuff about it... I'm thinking about germinating with paper towels and then, with good root development, move the seed to 3" net pots, half filled with LECA, and place the seed there. Then covering it just enough so no light can get through. I'm thinking of doing this with the water level just below where I've placed the root, with an air stone right below it so the bubbles wet the root and the seed stays moist. Is this a bad way of doing things?

    Thanks in advance