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Light Burn ? Fertilizer Burn ?

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  • Light Burn ? Fertilizer Burn ?

    Hello all. This has happened within the past 5 days and hasnt exceeded any other leaves execpt for the originals. I have used only one cycle of FloraMicro and FLoraBloom with a steady pH. These plants were brought in from the outside about a month ago from than I initiated FLowering which has been doing well. This is my first sign of any trouble. While I am asking questions. If you would also look atthe plant to the right of the previous in question with dark leaves. This plant has not flowered yet, with a month of 10-14. The plants are showing growth, so I have been waiting patiently. They are unknown strains, which came from bags I got to smoke, as a trial for my hobby.

    Thanks for your help in advance