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flowers and surrounding leaves are turning almost white- help

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    Quite often the deficiency comes about as a result of overfeeding. The nutes are locked out at the roots. They are available to the plant, but the plant can't absorb them. There are products available to help flush this chemically, but this may have gone too far. If it were me I would leave them alone and see if they sort themselves out. Faerina is right in saying that it would be unusual for a plant to 'starve' in the ground. Personally I rarely feed outdoor plants.
    If you have a problem with weed and you're not sure if they are overfed or underfed - it is almost always that they are overfed. Try and imagine how this would grow naturally. Less is more.


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      Pine soils can be acidic. Although 7.5 is slightly acidic, it isn't way off the mark. The fact that it is inconsistent doesn't seem right though. At a loss as what to recommend here. It looks too late. I could suggest some lime to adjust the pH but it seems a bit late for that.
      Could there be animals urinating on the plant?
      If the soil is very sandy then it will struggle to hold onto nutrients. But if you say you have grown here successfully before then I don't see how it could be a problem this time.
      Sorry we can't be more help. Sometimes this happens eh.


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        I read somewhere that the lower temps will make a plant like Black Dog or Blueberry Kush change the bud color to a bluish purple color. Possibly this plant is missing part of the genetics that causes that change and they are just changing to a light color instead? Let them grow and see what happens?