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    Hi all: 1st time grower here. 2 clones planted in pots May 20. No problems of note. Feeding them a muskie concentrate of 5-1-1 every 2 weeks as directed during vegetative stage. Growing quite nicely (over 6 ft. tall) and everything nice and green. When flowering stage began just over 2 weeks ago, the biggest leaves started turning brown. I read that this could possibly be lack of nitrogen. As the flowering stage had begun, I did a half and half feeding of the muskie 5-1-1 and fish concentrate 0-10-10 at the recommended dosages. The budding looks excellent and growing, but the larger leaves still continue to turn yellow. I have dead headed them. Still lots of smaller green leaves. Any comments? Recommendations?

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    That's normal.keep up the good work?


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      Your plant is adjusting to climate and concentrating on bud formation. The bigger leaves will do that.


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        Pics will help us see if you are on the right track. Just use normal lighting and not HID lighting. But sounds like you are fine although it’s hard to tell without seeing them.


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          Thanks all for answering. I agree with all of you, that it looks like just a natural thing happening. I am just growing outdoors so lights are not a problem. The buds are progressing beautifully, and, like I said previously, its just the larger leaves and things seem alright now. Its the most agonizing time, knowing that I still have a little more than a month to go before harvesting, and hoping for a fine harvest. Again, thanks to all


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            Sounds like everything is going to plan Timmy. Keep us informed. Outdoor grows can be very rewarding so keen to find out how it turns out for you.