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White widow leaf problems

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  • White widow leaf problems

    Hey guys,

    I would like to have some advice from experienced growers as it is my first plant.

    About a white widow (fem) which I planted the see first week June and has grown so far to a nice plant. I used regular soil in a big pot of 8 liter.behind window glass or I put it outside with the summer now. I mixed Easy grow from Royal Queen seeds in the soil.

    Last three weeks I see some problems with leafs. I had trips and used a bio-spray (pyrotheum or something). That problem seems to be solved.

    Now the lower leafs start to colour yellow and in the last two days I notice that other leaf tops turn brown like burned.

    Is this a nut burn? The fact that some of the leafs are hanging down, is this also because of nut burn or could this be too much water?

    THanks for the advice!!

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    They do look a little over watered Barlo. How are they now?