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Bud Rot or Paranoid?

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  • Bud Rot or Paranoid?

    Hey guys. So I am a first time grower. My tent has been doing really well. I'm in Week 7 of my flowering stage (almost the end of it) and I discovered on the top of my two biggest Colas this white coating, which after researching I could only think was Bud Rot starting out, especially since it says usually when you are about 2 weeks from harvest (which I am). Anyway I decided not to take any chances so we sterilized some scissors and cut them off below the issue (a decent distance away per instructions I read). Anyway I'm wondering if anyone here can look at this and tell me if I just saved my crop or just lost some of my best weed??? I'd appreciate any help on this one. I'm kind of sad right now as it doesn't seem that this may have been rot

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    I can't see very well from the pics, but if it was a grey powdery coating, then you dd the right thing. I have lost weed to bud rot and it is a right sickener. You've obviously looked into it so if you think the pictures you saw online was the same as what you had, you were probably right.
    Let's hope that you've stopped it in time and still get a decent yield. By the time you see bud rot it is already established inside the buds. Was it a strain that is prone to this?
    Good luck with the last couple of weeks. Make sure the humidity in your tent is as low as you can get it. I use a small domestic dehumidifier (similar to this) and it really helps to remove moisture from the air.


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      that isn't fungus, it's just a genetic problem so chlorophyll was not syntetized in that tissue, dont worry


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        How did this turn out Buffo?