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  • How many plant

    I want to grow but how many can I grow for personal use I have my card but do I need to also get a 215 in Ca

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    I'm pretty sure that it says you can grow up to 6 plants at a time so I'd be sure to use feminized seed or clones to make sure you're growing girls. I was able to harvest about 3 oz per plant and I use about 1.5 oz per month for my meds so it lasts the year.


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      Thank u how can I collect seeds from my existing girls they r still clones so I have a bit til I can get flowers or seeds

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    Making feminized seeds isn't something most growers produce-it requires some genetic trickery to get only female seeds-this may explain it better.
    Feminized marijuana seeds are produced in a way to make sure all the resulting plants are female (since only female marijuana plants make buds).
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