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    I want to grow but how many can I grow for personal use I have my card but do I need to also get a 215 in Ca

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    I'm pretty sure that it says you can grow up to 6 plants at a time so I'd be sure to use feminized seed or clones to make sure you're growing girls. I was able to harvest about 3 oz per plant and I use about 1.5 oz per month for my meds so it lasts the year.


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      Thank u how can I collect seeds from my existing girls they r still clones so I have a bit til I can get flowers or seeds

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    Making feminized seeds isn't something most growers produce-it requires some genetic trickery to get only female seeds-this may explain it better.
    Feminized marijuana seeds are produced in a way to make sure all the resulting plants are female (since only female marijuana plants make buds).
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      Recreational users must be aware of these two points before they begin growing marijuana for personal consumption. All the plants must not be kept visible to the public and at any given point, growers can posses only up to 28.5 grams of marijuana. But, Medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow up to 100 square feet of marijuana plants for personal consumption or up to 500 square feet in case you are a caregiver to five or less than five patients.
      If more than 100 sq ft, You need to apply to the FDA for a license when they start issuing them (2017 or 2018), you will need your local City and County approval and you will also need a valid Medical Marijuana Recommendation.
      Hope this answers your question.


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        Recreational users of marijuana can grow up to 6 plants per residence, while patients with a medical marijuana card can grow up to 100 sq. feet of marijuana plants. They can even grow up to 500 sq, feet in case they are caregivers to other patients. Buying a medical card is a good option for cannabis users ahead of recreational marijuana legalization across USA.