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Where or how does one get seeds to get started?

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  • Where or how does one get seeds to get started?

    How does one buy seeds for growing without going to jail?

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    That kind of depends what country you live in.


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      It seems like the Walmart of seed banks but the Attitude Seed Bank (cannabis - seeds - bank seems to be the biggest.
      They also have a 'guaranteed delivery' shipping method.

      If you live in the US it wont be cheap though.


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        My friend in the UK used Herbies last week. Arrived in a few days, well packed and discreetly stashed in a DVD box.

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          What country do you live in?


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            If you live in the UK, you can't beat Rhino Seeds - it's a great place to buy Cannabis Seeds

            They guarantee they have the lowest prices - if you find them cheaper at another UK seedbank after you buy, they'll beat the price instead of just matching it if you let them know. The packaging is very discreet, shipping is fast, & if your seeds go missing in the post, they'll replace them without any kind of argument.

            I've checked a lot of their prices against Attitude & Herbies - most of the time Rhino's cheaper.

            No shortage of variety there either - thousands of seeds it seems like - not like I counted.

            Only problem is that if you're not in the UK, you can't get anything from them - absolutely no exceptions.