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boycott over priced dispensaries

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  • boycott over priced dispensaries

    If you go to a dispensary and see any 1/8 for over $70 you should RUN!!! I am calling for a boycott of over priced dispensaries,

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    Its Business

    While I totally agree that 70 bucks for an 1/8th is ridiculous, it is business. A business has the right to charge whatever they want, and if they have the skills to successfully market marijuana at that price, then they are earning the money as far as I'm concerned. In addition, you don't know what the cost of production is, so they may be working at lower margins than other shops you frequent. Though I think it is unlikely, it is still a possibility. Lastly, if you have a medicinal card then you are authorized to grow, so get off your ass and grow your marijuana, then it's real cheap. Don't worry, I got you covered with several weed growing solutions.


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      It is illegal for dispensaries to profit from the SALE of marijuana but they do it all day long


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        Checks and Balances

        A dispensary owner's salary is capped at 150k last time I checked. I was looking into opening a dispensary and decided against it because of this cap on earnings. The dispensary/collective can be profitable as a business, which is separate from the "owner", this is to enable expanding etc. A perfect phrase to refer to: "don't hate the player, hate the game." If you are that pissed about it, start your own collective and give your weed away for free if you so choose, then you would change the "game", and be broke. No operation can be sustained, let alone expanded, without revenue generation.

        To reiterate, if you don't like the price, don't shop there. I seriously doubt you are on the Sears forum saying to boycott Sony because their TVs are overpriced... no, you just go buy a cheaper tv.


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          I do grow my own

          I grow my own and GIVE clones away. Every time I make edibles I GIVE many away.


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            Check out NugDeals and search for daily deals in your area and get more for your money in these hard times.


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              thx nug

              thx nug deals. It's beyond difficult to find a deal at a dispensary in west LA. Dispensaries and their ridiculous prices have forced me to grow my own. Spend your money at the hydro store instead of the dispensary
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                all their products are around 200-250 per ounce and OMG they are professionally grade! Great genetics and triming but it is the curing that is amazing, just museum quality/pharmacuetical quality cannabis!


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                  misplaced anger at dispensaries

                  While I do agree with almost everything that has been stated in previous comments, it is downright ignorant to believe that you are still going to be paying "street prices" for medicinal grade cannabis. You pay more for better quality food, electronics, furniture, etc... even pharmacies charge more for the national brands over generics.

                  Especially in the newer medicinal states, where a price structure or production standard has not yet been set. The cheapest way to obtain medicinal grade cannabis, is of course to cultivate it on your own, but even then it requires start up capital. I can understand states such as California complaining about price-gouging from these so-called "non-profits" because the movement has been around in that state for over a decade.

                  Here in Michigan, with the law still young (under two years old), people are still coming around to the fact that medicinal grade is available. After spending years buying illegally at street prices, it is reasonable to expect a price increase for higher grade product.

                  Most caregivers will provide meds to patients either free of charge or at highly discounted rates. For those of us still shopping at dispensaries, many of them seem to be trying to bring the prices down across the board, with discounted rates and daily specials.

                  Despite the fact that most dispensaries are non-profit, most of them do not grow in house as the law in most states prohibits collective growing under a business unless your city, or county has previously addressed the issue. Because of this, most dispensaries and collectives are at the whim of vendors (i.e. caregivers who provide overages to these business so that they may sell to patients) when it comes to providing meds. Many collectives/dispensaries are attempting to bring the cost down by purchasing at a lower rate from vendors. However, in the newer legal states (such as Michigan) many vendors are still under the belief that prices should still be high for top quality meds.

                  The bottom line is: MOST DISPENSARIES ARE NON-PROFIT. So its not the dispensaries you should take issue with, its the individual growers and caregivers who are providing the medicine to these businesses.


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                    Pharmacies are profiting from the sale of marijuana, while claiming to be non-profit and compassion. If you see a pharmacist or a fellow up or what they call themselves selling marijuana more than $ 65 a 1/8th Run for the door. There is no reason to pay more than $ 65 a 1/8th. If you go to the wrong place. There are 1,000 pharmacies and delivery services you many LA do not have to pay more. If the people who operate a pharmacy is not pleasant for you and give you a free gift Run for the door. You do not need them. Do not spend your money on a place that you value and appreciate as a customer.


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                      price of meds will come down

                      I know prices should be lower, and soon the market will bring it down, just a few months and competition will do so for us..

                      no need to boycott, just chill and prices will fall as compition eneters the market.


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                        The only reason prices are high is that you pay them not pay them, and you will not have anything to bitch about boycotting overpriced places and they will have to change,I mean its your money do not use it where you don 't need.