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Where do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries get the weed?

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  • Where do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries get the weed?

    I live in California where medical marijuana is legal and there are a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries but I have never heard where the dispensaries get the marijuana from. Does anyone know?
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    Grown Indoors

    They get the best indoor weed from growers that either have their own indoor set up or live out in the country or Humboldt. Normally a registered caregiver with a valid recc from a doctor to provide for patients.


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      Dispensaries operate from patients and caregivers. Not sure where you are but for example, in Michigan we are allowed 12 plants as a patient. We are only allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana however. Which gives us overages. Out of 12 plants you can harvest much more than 2.5 ounces, so you sell your overages to the dispensaries for a discounted rate. Most dispensaries in Michigan are always looking for overages.

      If you are a caregiver, this means that you are taking care of other's plants. Which means you can possess more, and grow more etc.. in Michigan it is 12 plants per patient signed to you as a caregiver. I am allowed 36 plants at the moment. 12 for myself, and 24 for my 2 patients. Usually dispensaries pay 200-375 per ounce usually, but in turn sell them for over 400-560. Most of the time a few caregivers go in on a building and this is how dispensaries come about. They all sell their own crop, it works almost like a barbershop in most situations.
      Hope this helped



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        Get Medical Marijuana Cards - 420 Doctor

        Most of them grow their own.. and other from licensed state medical growers. Some say they get it from the same people as you do, only much higher up, but clearly medical is much better, so I doubt that.

        Iím not particularly interested in opening a dispensary, but I would like to know where dispensaries get their marijuana from. I mean can they just get it from any grow house/field, or do they have to get it from a legislated place? If anyone could shed some light on this question I would appreciate it.


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          I guess they grow their own...
          Presently, medical marijuana sales in San Jose aren't technically legal. The city council has determined to both make the profits legal and seriously limit the number of profits. San Jose city council votes to limit medical marijuana and severely curb medical weed within area limits.


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            A lot of them will grow their own clones, but I've heard that a lot will get it from up north. Apparently the soil properties that make Napa so great as wine country also lend themselves to good weed.


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              Cali Co-Ops

              My understanding of California law is that growers are allowed to form Co-ops, and sell their product to dispensaries. They are only allowed to grow 99 plants. That's all the info I have, as I don't reside there. Jorge Cervantes has a Video on YouTube about Medical Marijuana and where it comes from in California, and it's a video tour of several co-ops in the Northern part of the state, around Humboldt and a couple of other areas. You'll see some excellent examples of what Cannabis looks like during the Flowering stage, as well as some of the equipment that is used to process the buds for sale. One machine that just fascinates me is the Twister, which prunes all the leaves from the bud before kicking it out to a bin. The pruned leaves and small stems are then gathered into a bag and I would guess are then used to make edibles or tinctures. The video is pretty easy to find, just do a search with your favorite search engine for Jorge Cervantes/Medical Marijuana.


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                LoL John Topp you're answering to replies that are from 2011 and the ones that started it are no longer around. Actually none of them are around now.