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Obtaining pot from another state

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  • Obtaining pot from another state

    If you live in a state (fla) that doesn't support medical weed, and if you
    have a card from another state, is it possible to obtain the cannabis from
    a state that does cater to us? Mail , ups, fed ex ?

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    I have the same question... I live in Pa. where it is illegal, but neighboring states New Jersey and Deleware it is legal... I have terrible Neuropathy in my Legs and Feet, and weed really helps that pain... I can't move to those states, but was wondering if I could see a doc in either state to get the medicine...? Anyone know..?



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      It all depends on the state laws, New Jersey happens to be really strict about using medical marijuana, your best bet is to a google search for the 16 medical marijuana states and you should find detailed laws. As for getting medical marijuana in your hands right now? Move to California or Colorado it will take take less time and risk to get what you need.