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Strains Used for Taste More Than Effect?

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  • Strains Used for Taste More Than Effect?

    I've got a question for the culinary connoisseurs cooking with cannabis - do any of you use a particular strain for flavor over effect? If so, what's the most flavorful strain to use when cooking?

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    Hi GM. I've never really noticed any difference between strains in flavours with cooking. But then again I wasn't really paying that much attention ;-)
    What I would say though, is that making canna butter is a great way to get a good flavour from your weed. We ended up having it on toast and crumpets, with asparagus tips and in lots of other recipes to replace normal butter. It's the best taste I've ever got out of weed.


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      Interesting! So far I've only had cannabutter on raisin toast. Now I've got something new to try. Thanks!