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  • BHO

    Used 20 grams of bud and got this nice bit

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    I am at a point were im about to harvest a couple plants. Is this difficult to do? I go to you tube and there is always so many different videos for so many things. The hubby made me a box today with screen to get all the thc off of the leaves after harvest. Im now at a point to learn about the hash stuff. any guidance would be awesome katzie.


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      Would love to see your method Katzie. I have been reading a lot about this. How do you purge the gas from the product?


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        I just filled the glass tube up with partially cut up bud then wrapped a coffee filter around the open end and secured it with a zap strap then shoot the butane in the other end and do it outdoors of course into a pyrex glass container of some sort and just let the gas evaporate and after that i usually place it in a bigger pot of water thats been heated up but not too boiling point and try to purge the rest of the gas out.