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Marijuana Brownie Recipe

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  • Marijuana Brownie Recipe

    I want to make some marijuana brownies, does anyone have a special recipe they can share with me?

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    Some people want to eat the marijuana instead of burning, because it is not harmful to the lungs and provides a long-term implications. Before you start cooking, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. The easiest way to baking cookies is to use a store bought mix. While making the cookies are fairly simple process, as well as marijuana, require a little more preparation.


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      Marijuana Brownie

      Do you get high by it?? Does it have any side effects, obviously you are baking it.
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        Medical Marijuana has been a life saver for me. Compared to the pills I was taking which made me feel like a zombie, the pot was helpful in controlling my nausea. It’s unbelieveable that it’s taboo for people to use it.



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          MMMM, weed brownies are sooo good ) All you need to do is cook the oil in a pan with the amoutnt of oil you want to use in the recipe. Once you strain the weed from the oil....into a pantyhose....then just ass the strained oil into your brownie mix and back.. You will be high for hours depending on how much weed you use....


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            Ultimate recipes. I just love brownie. I wanna eat the egg less one. Here is a caramel recipe of heart shape check it out 'caramel-brownie-hearts'


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              All you need is Cannaoil

              All you need to do is make up a batch of Cannaoil then you can add it to any box brownie mix or any other recipe that calls for oil. Like even frying a egg. What a way to start the day. Pain free!
              Here is a link for the recipe. Hope this helps.


              When adding cannaoil start out with small pieces of brownie. Until you know how much to eat for you. It can be strong! It also take longer to feel the effects when you ingest weed.
              You can even use cannaoil in salad dressing recipes


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                Thanks For sharing such a nice post. For a very long time I was searching for this.Thanks alot