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    Hey Gang,

    I live in a New England State (USA) that recently voted to legalize recreational use. I can have 6 mature plants for every adult over 21 living in the household. For me that's 12 plants and an unlimited number of seedlings, clones or other plants below a certain height. I've been a recreational user for 40+ years and in the early 90's, I had a pretty decent 2 room setup that freaked the former wife right out when the odors got to be unmanageable. Because I live in a location that has embraced medical use for years, the variety and ease of access made the need for self sufficiency fairly nil. But legalization has brought with it a renewed vigor and curiosity on my part. I've even considered early retirement to take up a related/supportive business venture to capitalize on the new opportunities in this "budding" market. Time will tell.

    For the past three weeks I have been obsessed with learning all the new equipment, grow methods and abundant varietal options out there. My plan is to stick 6 plants in the backyard this summer while simultaneously, setting up a basement grow tent to keep me "occupied" during the long cold winter months. So many choices and new technologies. For example I was ready to pull the lever on a set of two 300w LED lights (primarily because of the electricity draw/fire risk of HID's) but then, I started reviewing 400w MH/HPS combo lights with an air cooled setup and now, I'm indecisive to say the least.

    Great to find this place and to meet like minded folks. I suspect that before my outdoor plantings get under way I will be setting up a 4x4 tent kit in the basement, lol. If I didn't have travel plans already for this summer (I'm going to be a gandpa) then I would likely have already bought this set up

    So hello everyone and thank you.

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    Hello screwauger. Welcome.
    Sounds great. I wish we had legal weed and I could grow freely without all the cloak and dagger shit. Nice one!
    Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing how your growing journey unfolds.


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      Hi there, fellow Yankee!! I'm new to this site my own self, for primarily the same reasons. I was just saying to my bestie, if I weren't already an accomplished gardener, (with one illegal plant, about a decade ago, to my credit...and lemme tellya, ya haven't lived til you've had a local PD officer standing with his back to your pot tree just outside your back door...and it remains when he leaves!! They had other fish to fry that night...) I'd find the jargon quite daunting!! But once I translated 'clones' to cuttings, 'stretching' to being leggy, 'medium' to soil, etc., I regained confidence. I may try one lone indoor plant this winter (I'm not dropping big change on either high end lights, or a high end light bill...but I do have one lone bulb in a silver shop lamp! Ha!), but my main concentration is our five little seedlings. Tellya what, if I'd known seeds were going to be so grossly expensive, I woulda saved every last one from every last bag of dirt and midgrade! Anyhoo...looking forward to learning lots to help my wee pets. Due to various circumstances Beyond My Control, they've become my primary gardening concern this year. (I know nothing about harvesting or curing, so it's going to be an interesting learning curve.). I had 5 of 5 feminized "random outdoor Sativa" germinate (I'm gathering those are mighty good rates, especially given we got the cheapest seeds I found anywhere...10 for $25...yikes!!). I started them in basic seed mix in peat pots, had two go super leggy on me so transplanted them into their giant black pots two weeks ago, burying most of the stems as I would with tomatoes. Transplanted the last two today; those two, I put a layer of my homemade composty goodness (mixed with the soil from last years pots; allowed mix to 'rest' before using, and it's mostly Composty Goodness-before you squirm, know that my compost is fluffy-ish, almost black, and popping with earthworms), then a thick layer of well-rinsed, been-sittin-in-a-box-for-3-weeks, smells like Poseidon's puke seaweed, then finished with Composty Goodness. I'm mighty curious to see how those two will thrive!! I've also companion planted some basil and marigolds (even though I can't shake the suspicion that the marigolds we think of when someone says marigolds are NOT the ones that contain pyrethrum...but we'll think good thoughts...). After reading about the necessity of nitrogen, I plan on topdressing a little bit with coffee grounds. (May also deter pesties.). My biggest issue thus far is finding the sunniest spot in the yard! I have the pots on a table to further deter pesties, and I'm toying with the idea of running a ring of bar soap around the outside to further deter Creeping Crawlies. There's even earthworms still in the soil!!... Yeah, long winded, but I'm rather enthused about this project. Thanks for reading me, looking forward to prowling around, gleaning info! 8-)


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        Hi to both Yankees from the state and area of the pats.can u believe that you can harvest and grow the evil weed.i had great success Indoor and out.alot cheaper outside.i got a few seeds left over.i wish I had clone some but I didn't.i had two indoor harvest and five outdoor.more then enough for me and the inner circle of trusted friends.i two am looking to find a way to get in on the legal going to retire god willing in 2018.hope all goes well