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    Hey Gang,

    I live in a New England State (USA) that recently voted to legalize recreational use. I can have 6 mature plants for every adult over 21 living in the household. For me that's 12 plants and an unlimited number of seedlings, clones or other plants below a certain height. I've been a recreational user for 40+ years and in the early 90's, I had a pretty decent 2 room setup that freaked the former wife right out when the odors got to be unmanageable. Because I live in a location that has embraced medical use for years, the variety and ease of access made the need for self sufficiency fairly nil. But legalization has brought with it a renewed vigor and curiosity on my part. I've even considered early retirement to take up a related/supportive business venture to capitalize on the new opportunities in this "budding" market. Time will tell.

    For the past three weeks I have been obsessed with learning all the new equipment, grow methods and abundant varietal options out there. My plan is to stick 6 plants in the backyard this summer while simultaneously, setting up a basement grow tent to keep me "occupied" during the long cold winter months. So many choices and new technologies. For example I was ready to pull the lever on a set of two 300w LED lights (primarily because of the electricity draw/fire risk of HID's) but then, I started reviewing 400w MH/HPS combo lights with an air cooled setup and now, I'm indecisive to say the least.

    Great to find this place and to meet like minded folks. I suspect that before my outdoor plantings get under way I will be setting up a 4x4 tent kit in the basement, lol. If I didn't have travel plans already for this summer (I'm going to be a gandpa) then I would likely have already bought this set up

    So hello everyone and thank you.

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    Hello screwauger. Welcome.
    Sounds great. I wish we had legal weed and I could grow freely without all the cloak and dagger shit. Nice one!
    Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing how your growing journey unfolds.