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How do you support your plants?

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  • How do you support your plants?

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to write another article and thought it might be prudent to check in with the crowd to see if there was anything I've missed.

    I'm trying to help new growers grow better, and bigger, and this article will be about the things you need to support your plant through the flowering cycle.

    Items to use:
    Trellis netting
    chicken wire (or other wiring)
    bamboo stakes
    plant yo yos

    Are there any other items I'm missing? Does anyone have any specific suggestions for using the above items. I personally hate to trellis my plants because I like to be able to get to the center plants in a packed room, or have the ability, at least, to move my plants if I needed to. I hate committing to a trellis system too early, but I know that it really is the best thing to hold my stretchy sativas up towards the light like they love to be. Yo=yos are my go to, but again, the same problem.

    Any other suggestions out there...I'm by no means a master grower, just someone that loves to learn and share the knowledge.

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    I just buy the nets from the grow shop they are elasticated and let the plants move and grow with no damage