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Durban Poison problem

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  • Durban Poison problem

    The city of Durban goes dark.

    Let's just say; hypothetically, that I had 4 beautiful girls going into week 6 of phase #2. These ladies were specially ordered Durban Poison females from DP. They were discretely packaged, and popped on arrival. They were topped early and often in their 27gal DWC with res home. They had mains of over 6" and were fit and healthy on a diet of GH and Calmag with 5.5ph on nuits day. They were on 12/12 under 1200 watts of full spec LEDs in 75deg 55%.

    Power went out on them for 36hrs. No light, fans, water circulation or air stones. Dark like black sun, Son.

    Now it's a week later and things are different in the tent. The chicks look the same but they don't give off that same "glow". They've only drank 5 gal in a week instead of 15. Their growth seems slower too.

    The riddle is this:

    Did I shock them. From missing the 12hrs of light perhaps? I'd think this would happen in nature, random, but could happen.
    Will they recover from that drama or will they grow balls on me?
    Did I give them root rot. From the lack of air to roots for such a long period of time? with them being spoilt their whole lives, living above an air stone. I can see that happening too.

    Not sure if I should just feed them 5.5 PH'd H2O straight for a week, or add hydroguard?
    Maybe molasses for 2 weeks or just carry on and hope it goes away.

    Distressed Durban tourist trying to read a map.

    Any advice will be listened to.

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      How far along is she? I use hydrogard every grow with zero rot issues. If the root mass is still decent looking it may be that they did suffer a bit of shock but hopefully should recover.