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  • Co2

    I was advised to try co2 tabs, just pop them in the water and leave them. Job done and hello bigger buds. but is it as simple as that ? Has anyone else used them?
    and what was the result and do you think they were worth it.. I shall tell you if my plants are dead in a few days ha ha..

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    Hi Coco. In my opinion CO2 is only worth using if you have a proper bottle and regulator system.
    As a concept it definitely works. Weed plants can assimilate CO2 up to about 2000ppm. Being as the atmosphere has only about 400ppm it means that they can perform much better with more CO2. However, getting it to your plants in enough quantity for long enough to make a difference is the problem.
    If you do decide to give it a go remember that it is heavier than air so will flow downwards and pool on the floor around your plants. An upwards facing fan can help circulate it, but then you need to be sure to have the extractor off so you don't suck it all out of the room/tent.
    Other people swear by it, so this is just my opinion. But I'm saying unless you spend hundreds on a proper bottle system, then don't bother.


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      cheers mate I poped the tablets in but to be honest turning the extractor of caused a fecking night mare with condensation so bugger it unless I get buds like corn on the cobs once these tablets run out feck it not going to bother


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        I once spent a lot of money on the hanging bags. Tried them out for about a year. I never noticed a difference in my yields.


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          I was going to try them roofie but went for the tablets. only 12 for about 40 so not a lot lost.. And I'm not seeing a great diffrence