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Leggy plants on LED lights?

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  • Leggy plants on LED lights?

    I started my plants under CFL bulbs and they were short and dense. When I moved them to a Viparspectra "600" LED light they grow very long stems. Internode spacing is 3 to 3-1/2 inches even though the lamp height is what they recommend (18-24 inches). I moved the lamp down and the leaves seemed to wilt, so I went back up. The reviews suggest people are happy with these lights, but maybe we're all newbies. Why are these plants so tall? After topping, the new tops are now 3-1/2" above the cut.

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    Hard to say what's happening here. Legginess normally because the light is too far away. I see this post is a week old. How are they now?


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      They continue to grow long stems. Internode spacing 3 to 3-1/2". LED height 18" to 24". I was given seeds of unknown strain, which appear to be indica. Might it be that they are just genetically tall plants?


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        I had that with bubble gum it was a pain in the arse, then I said to my mate that gave me the seeds he just laughed and said that's why he gave me the seeds he's a git. ha ha.. prob are just tall plants try a net and tuck them under and through it worked a bit for me..


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          Yep, time for a little bondage and discipline....bend her over and tie it down.


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            someone has been to see the new 50 shades movie lol