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  • taking cuttings

    Hi trying to time this right. got my plants on flower for 3 weeks now should be done around another 6. bought my new hydro propagato. Just a propagator that sprays water at the roots. ha.. and got a mother plant ready for cuttings. giving the times and only got one hyro system when do you think I should start the cuttings, not done this before and don't want to be to early or to late,, cheers....
    And I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a good new year..

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    Do you mean how ,long before putting them into the system should you take them? If the mother is strong and the propagator working ok I reckon about a week before you see roots. Then another 3 - 4 weeks of veg. You have quite a big window so don't worry too much. I would go for early rather than late. The more time they spend in veg the bigger the final plant, and it is quite easy to hold them up if the space is not quite ready yet.


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      How do you hold them up if the space is not quite ready yet?

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    I take it these seeds weren't feminized seeds? If they aren't then the first signs that it shows signs its a female is when you should take clones. Take clones from the bottom of plant as they will root faster.


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      Hi Coco. You can hold your plants up just by topping them and using LST and supercropping to keep the height down. I've had to hold some up recently and the result is a much bigger bushier plant anyway. Keeping them in a smaller pot while you're waiting also helps. Have a look at the training techniques page here. There's lots of ways to manipulate the plants. The age doesn't matter, it's just the size you'll need to keep on top of while you're waiting for the space.
      It does raise a bigger issue of managing your flow. I'm a greedy bastard and for a while I was taking cuttings at every opportunity, I just ended up with too many plants. It takes a while to get the timing right. At times you might have to (it's going to hurt saying this ) bin some of the clones to keep space free. Broke my heart, but you can use it as another level of selection, always selecting the biggest and strongest specimens. There's plenty more once you have a decent mother on the go.


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        cheers. I've poped them in already had a fatality ha. I put the wee collar you get to hold them in my new propagator baskets and put one on to tight but the rest look ok touch wood. I was also told by a guy that if you trim the ends of the leaves of a cutting for some reason it makes them root faster.. the guy did go into why but I got board as he waffles on a bit and stopped listening ha. I have held them up a bit when I used soil by keeping them in the smaller pots but you can only do that for so long wasn't sure if it worked on this propagator.


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          Thanks for answering Sat :-)
          Hi Coco. The reason some growers cut the leaves is to stop the plant losing water via the leaves. Plants use the leaves for transpiration and seeing as your cuttings have no roots it is hard for them to take water on (that's why you spray them). A smaller leaf area means that less water transpirates (a bit like evaporation). It is definitely worth cutting any bigger leaves on your cuttings in half across the fingers.