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Need some grow information about Cancer's Nightmare

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  • Need some grow information about Cancer's Nightmare

    I'm looking for some actual grow information on this strain. Is it difficult to grow? Does it grow tall or short and round? Does it do well with light nutes or is it a heavy feeder? Need some grow info outside of what gets used in strain descriptions (which tend to give over optimistic stats).

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    Welcome to the forum.
    All I can find is this. maybe of you find out more you can share it with us.
    Sin City Seeds - Cancers Nightmare

    With it's heavy yields, ease of growth and ideal 1:1 THC to CBD ratio our Cancerís Nightmare is the one, two punch for people looking to grow true medical cannabis! 1-1 CBD to THC Ratio

    Lineage: Cannatonic x Whitenightmare

    Flowering Time: 55-70 Days

    Ratio: 12-16% CBD 12-16% THC