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Simple deep water culture setup - a few basic questions

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  • Simple deep water culture setup - a few basic questions


    I'm setting up my first simple DWC system, consisting so far of two 5 gallon buckets, bubblers, air stones, clay pellets, and rockwool. I plan to clone some plants I've got growing. First simple question: Do I fill it up so that the roots are submerged? Or just have them suspended in the air ABOVE the water/nutrient solution?

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    Welcome, Will. I'm assuming that you will be using a net lid for the bucket. My system is similar except that I do use an rez to house a recirc/mister pump. I try to keep the level in the rez and in the buckets about at the bottom of the net cup. The roots will grow down into the solution pretty quickly so all I do initially is to keep the cube moist until I see root development and then I turn on my recirc system. I try not to keep the level so hi that it submerges the rockwool cube.


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      Thanks a lot for the reply. Yeah I am using a net lid. That sounds good I'll fill it up to the base of the net cup.

      Would you recommend growing clone cuttings in such a setup?


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        Clones are a great way to get started. They allow you to get a head start on the process and I use them whenever I want to add another plant.