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  • No sign of white hairs...

    My plant is about 6 weeks old and there are no signs of white hairs at all. I just started the 12-12 cycle(only been 2 days). The plant is about 25" tall. Do I have a Hermie? It is a female, but just regs not KB. Im doing this to learn before my diving into the good stuff and spending the money. Its a bubble system im using. No soil just water and nutrients.

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    Could you post a picture of your plant on the thread? Try to get a closeup picture of the main stem. This will help us identify the plant gender. Thanks


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      I think what you mean by white hairs is pistils? Pistils are pollen tubes (pollen floats through the air looking to land on them, and when they do, they travel down into the ovary). Pistils wont be visible after only 2 days in flower. It is hard to give an exact time, but generally within 2 weeks you will start seeing them. Also, if it IS a male, you wont see the pistils at all. Good news is that males flower sooner than females, so you will know what it is before long. If you have a picture, it would be awesome if you upload it.


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        Too early for sexing it yet Biggles. It will take a couple of weeks, maybe three, before you see these signs. Keep a good eye on it every day, and use a magnifyier to look at the joints (no pun intended) where the leaves meet the main stem.
        There's a useful page here with information about sexing.
        Let us all know how you get on....