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  • grow hybrid illumination request info

    hi, i'm thinking of using a hybrid method, a LED with a HID or a MH or a HPS. The LED has 650nm, 630nm (reds) and 465nm (blue) with 16000k white light and combine with a HID or a MH..wich one do you recommend? this is for a growbox of 1m square (3 plants).

    Also, which should be the intensity, that is, how many volts/lumens would I need for this space and 3 plants?

    any tip on lights would be awesom...please coment!
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    Hi Nick
    Not sure what you're asking here - MH and HPS are both types of HID.
    Check out more about cannabis lighting here.
    MH is especially useful for flowering whereas HPS is a better all rounder. However, if you have the whole spectrum covered already with the LEDs and are looking for something extra I would be tempted by the MH so that you can maximize the correct spectrum during the flowering phase.
    If the LEDs are a reputable make then a 400w HID on top should be plenty of light. If the LEDs are giving full spectrum coverage then I'd be tempted by the MH but a HPS might give your veg that bit extra.
    So sorry, an unclear answer, but there you go. a 400w MH.
    There used to be a LED lighting specialist on the forum. Have you tried asking in the growlights section?