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How Much Does It Cost to Grow a Marijuana Plant at home?

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  • How Much Does It Cost to Grow a Marijuana Plant at home?

    Me and a friend of mine want to start a business growing marijuana but we want to know what we will need and a rough estimate of how much all the equipment will cost. If you can, please give the indoor version and/or the outdoor version. I found one article which says it will take $ 140, is this right?

    Below is reference article from where i got this information:-

  • #2 depends, really, on how you go about building your indoor grow room....
    If it's a closet grow, $140 would probably get you the grow tent, a few lights, and possibly the hydroponics rig....
    If you're doing a floor grow, $140 would probably get you the lights, the hydroponics rig, and maybe a few extra goodies!
    If you're like me and you're doing a ragtag junk shop grow, $140 will get you the lights, the rig, and a nice pack of fancy seeds from the head shop!
    Actually, $140 is probably a good estimate for a well-rounded start-up cost (not including outside costs like electricity, water, and nutrients) just to set up shop in a room. From there, the costs either gradually go down or go rampant! It all depends on your style. If you're one of the fussy types who can't do anything without following the directions to the letter, you're bound to spend a lot more than you probably need to for the sake of having the fanciest grow cabinet with all the state-of-the-art bells and whistles included. If you're one of the crazy mad scientist types, you might be able to shave down the costs a little by building your rig yourself from stuff you buy at the hardware store. But if you're one of the outlandish redneck types like me, you'll probably save a ton of money building your rig out of junk you stole from a scrapyard! And with all that money you saved, you can buy yourself some super fancy seeds and then mass produce it in your grow room and sell them to turn a profit!

    Well then...choose your own adventure, I guess!