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Removing Seeds from Live PLants

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  • Removing Seeds from Live PLants

    My Females were polinated and i thought I'd pop off and remove as many seeds as possible to stop the plant from wasting energy into growing seeds. I did this a few days ago. Will this kill the buds? Does anybody know if this is a bad or good thing? I know it will continue to grown more seeds. but i'm trying to reduce the amount of seeds on my plant. Should i just leave them alone and let them continue to produce seeds?>

    what advice or knowledge can anyone tell me. thanks

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    I would suggest that once the plant has been pollinated the damage has already been done. Popping off seeds is likely to cause the plant to expend even more energy trying to replace them. I know that sinsimellia is the best case scenario, but don't be too down on pollinated plants. I've had plenty of high quality weed that still has seeds. It's not the best, but it's no disaster either.