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  • My 2017 Season

    MW - Maui Waui Fem Nirvana

    Trying to fig how to present some of these pics I've been taking. Present some Idea and opinion and certainly answer any and all questions from the enthusiast.
    Fire Away.
    So I had delivered to my door, 5 White Jack, 5 Maui Waui, 5 Royal Medic, 5 OG kush, Fem Seeds. They threw in 8 Northern Lights Fem. As soon as I looked at the individual seed I knew which had a chance and which seed had absolutely NO chance to "Come of Age" and realize full potential. Sorry to say that I was 100% right.
    Gotta say, so far this season, the New from Nirvana Maui Waui is Kicking Ass. 4 of 5 made it to the garden, they were first and furious out of the gate. And grow! Like a Bad Weed. Hope they can navigate the rest of this S. FL season. Pics were dated so more easily follow their progress.
    Anyone out there remember MW?

    Working pix
    MW 1 MW 2 MW 3
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    Maui Waui as of yesterday. If you are following, I gave #4 away. As you can see I am big on grooming and have cut a few clones from these plants. As I said earlier, if these ladies can make it thru the season I stand to realize some sweet and tasty. MW was the strain that started it all for me so many years ago. In a time when an oz of Columbian or Alcapoco Gold, chock full of seed and lumber, were readily available for $40. Along came this 1/4 oz bag of seedless, sweet smelling bright green weed. I was hooked and have wanted to try my hand at growing it since.
    I can not wait to give this a puff.
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      Looks like it's going well Jimmy. I bet those girls love that S FL sunshine! Can't wait to see how they go. If you're going to make regular updates I'll get admin to put this in the diary section.
      I'm interested to know what it was about the seeds that made you know which were good and which were bad?


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        It is certainly my intention to bring updates. As per above, I have only started 2 of 5 planned threads.
        As to knowing which seed were worthless, Female seed should be plump and robust, hard shelled, and be mature. It's true there are different colors of seed, some are supposed to be whitish, some have spots but when they are immature they don't have those features. Of those I mentioned above, I had cracked seed, seed I crushed between my fingers, and those that, to me,were obviously pre-mature from their color.
        I should say, at the time I wrote that opening (if you will) I thought I was going to include all5 strains to one diary. It was not till I saw I could only have 5 pix did I decide to do 5 individual diaries. Thinking 5 pictures was hardly enough for 5 strains.


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          Interesting reading about the seeds. I think I posted this before.....
          Although I haven't used this method myself, my pal used it and told me he had 100% success rate at sexing his seeds.