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    OK. That's Number 1 out of the way. I'll post a smoke and weight report in a week or so when she's nicely dried.
    Next up though, Number 2. I've trained this girl. Topped her and LSTd her branches out. These pics are actually about a week old. She's got some nice flowers starting now so will post some more images later, but these show off her training quite well.
    Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment

    Number 3 is now under 12/12 too. Number 4 is still vegging and has never been totally happy. I'm going to pot her up and train her a bit more. More pics to follow, but will mostly concentrate on number 2 for now.
    Thanks for following, all feedback welcome.


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      Hi guys. Sorry it's been a while. Damned laptop!
      So latest update. I had a smoke of the 1st Critical cut. Was pretty nice. I got less than half ounce of her, but as explained earlier, I wasn't expecting much. In fact, I was impressed with how well she came back.
      Number 2 and 3 are now a few weeks in and looking great. Been just giving them comfrey tea and the occasional seaweed. Here they are.

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        Hi all. Here's Number 2 at about 6 weeks 12/12. I like the flowers. I reckon if I had lots of room to grow her tall she'd be a great yielder. Check this.
        Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment

        Apologies for the stupidly large sideways pictures. I don;t have photoshop on this laptop yet....