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Is smoking organically grown marijuana good for your health?

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  • Is smoking organically grown marijuana good for your health?

    The short answer is, no. Smoking any marijuana isn't good for your health. Many doctors are willing to prescribe medical marijuana as medication. This does not mean that it is healthy; it means that, like Tylenol or Advil, it's a crutch to get you through unwanted symptoms. Neither Tylenol nor Advil is healthy.
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    i agree with what you said Bernarranglin.


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      Inhaling the hot fumes from any burning matter is going to be bad for you. But hey, weed is not just for smoking. Learn how to make cannabis tincture and give your lungs a rest.


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        Like Mr. B said, smoking anything isn't good for you, but I personally feel that the majority of the issues come from the combustion of said material. For a healthier alternative, perhaps try vaporizing? With vaporizing, you are heating products to their boiling point (which turns them into a gas), but without attaining the temperature required for ignition. This allows you to inhale the active ingredients, with none of the CO2, CO, etc. Of course some harmful products could be vaporized along with the THC/CBD, but in my opinion/study/understanding/knowledge, vaporizing is much less harmful than burning.
        That being said, I have burnt the s%$# out of some weed in my day and am fine today.

        Just my two cents worth.


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          I recently saw an advertisement for a chronic pain reliever medication. After hearing the long list of possible side-effects and health risks associated with taking the medication, the first thought that popped into my head was....Sheesh, I'd be better off smoking pot than using this crap!
          I once synthesized my own aspirin in a chemistry class...the professor told me that the white powder sitting on my evaporator dish was nearly 5x as pure as the shit you get at the drug store....
          The could let others decide for you what's "healthy" for you and what's not, or you can read the fine print and realize that the weed growing in your basement is probably a much safer bet than some weird drug whose name you can't even pronounce that you saw on TV!
          Obviously, smoke isn't that good for you...smoke too much, and you'll probably end up in the hospital one day with a straw coming out of your throat! Being an asthmatic, I tend to avoid smoking....especially reefers...that burning paper is murder to my lungs!
          That said, I concur with Anthony C. Vaporizers are definitely healthier for you!
          Perhaps the only remaining question is about the resin...When smoked, this resin becomes tar...whereas when vaped....what happens?
          I speculate that it just dissolves into the water vapor, and that's probably all there is to the end, the only thing you end up toking is the drug you wanted in the first place!

          ...and then there are munchies.....
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            Agreed on the vaporizer. The biggest problem with smoking is root. The common believe out there is that the more you hold in the smoke, the higher you will get. This is not recommended. There has been a research done in Australia on the absorption of the thc. It has been proven that THC is absorbt 95% within the first 5 seconds. if you hold it in any longer you will only be holding root in.
            Also Bongs are not a healthy choice. some might think it is because it filters out the root. but this is a false believe. water absorbs allot of thc. In order to get the amount of thc that you normally need , you will have to inhale more root to get the buzz you want.

            Personally i would smoke 3 spliff a day then take medicine. Saying that, I haven't took medicine for over a year and i haven't got sick since then. Not even once!
            Look at the Rastafarians, they smoke there whole life and they are some of the healthiest people around!


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              So if inhaling the weed smoke is unhealthy....which goes without saying...what about digesting? What are the known harmful affects of that? Inquiring minds want to know....and while I'm at it....anyone with good recipes?


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                Don't think you'll find much evidence to say that ingesting cannabis will cause you any harm. Unless of course you're a pilot or truck driver :-)
                There is a recipe section on this forum. Check it out here