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Cannabutter Recipe Made Easy!!

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  • Cannabutter Recipe Made Easy!!

    First things first, which method do we actually use? There are slow crock pot cannabutter recipes that promise the highest potency and others that call for a boiling of all of the plant matter beforehand to eliminate the green taste. Then, of course, there's the fastest way, which is to basically throw everything into a pot and hit play.

    We've decided to go for a recipe that is a cross between the slow cook method and the fast food version because with this method, the butter will never burn as its cooked by steam, rather than directly in a pot.

    Read more: Cannabutter Recipe
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    Sounds tricky. I've never made butter before because it sounds like a complicated process.


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        Thanks for this! I just found a recipe for Sweet Potato puree and cannabis butter will go great with it.

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      A couple observations:

      Just a random one...what he does at about 12:19 is very bad knife positioning. They are his hands, so what do I care, but if the knife slips, where is it going? Either into the butter or his hand. Maybe he had to do it that way so we could see it. But anyone who tries this you always make sure that if the knife were to slip, it's travel is not going to damage something, especially your own flesh. I've sharpened knives for people for many years, thousands of dollars with of equipment to do so. Everything from Japanese Chef knives to straight razors. All of my knives, you could shave your face (I have) dry with...they are that sharp. If that were my knife & it slipped you could lose a digit.

      I have never made edibles before, but I would like to. In looking up all the ways to do it, this appears to be the simplest.

      Near the end of the video...for any of you who have seen Pan's Labyrinth, the Spanish one, the "sash" looks just like the mandrake root the little girl put under her mother's bed. lol.

      A question I have is if he is really extracting all the theca or not with that "sashe." It would seem to extract more if it was allowed to openly fraternize with the fats & attach. Then just filter out all the stuff at the end. A cheese cloth folded a couple times will catch all of the plant matter.

      Another question is the butter's saturation point, which I've never heard anyone talk about. This guy used (great video by the way, I'm just trying to figure stuff out) 1/2 oz MJ to 1/2 lb butter? Is that enough butter to hold all that THC? The butter/thc bond will reach a saturation point eventually, at which point you are just wasting bud, but I don't know if anyone knows what the ratio is.

      The last observation is the water. Scientifically, I understand why it is being used. But every substance on the planet is water soluble, from THC to rubber. Different materials just take different times. If you need to clean your bathroom mirror, just turn on the faucet, get your hand wet, "flick" your fingers to get some water on the glass, & clean like it was Windex. Most of the time, it will work better than Windex (I cleaned windows for over 20 years) Water is a solvent. Although a very gentle one. The more pure the water, the more aggressive a solvent. We have machines for cleaning tall buildings, & it's an advanced water filtration system. There is nothing in the water down to .00 We don't need soap, a ladder, nothing. Just a long pole, & that pure aggressive water will take anything off the glass. Then you rinse it, leave it soaked, & because there is no particles in the water, it dries without spots.

      My point is, at the end, he is dumping out all the water. I just wonder how much THC gets lost there. Or if it could be substituted with a different substance that could be drained & used.

      Or do the butter & MJ first & when you have a good mix then add some water? It would allow more time for the THC to attach to the fats uninhibited.